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Star Beings...

posted Jul 27, 2017, 12:51 PM by Bain Clan
... and Crystals, what a wonderful combination!

This month our Crystal Circle was joined by Anya Rose whose beautiful energy and amazing abilities filled us with Light and connected us to the beautiful Star Beings.

First we connected to the beings from the Pleiades to receive physical healing and relaxation. We were then joined by the lovely Star Beings from Arcturus to provide us with guidance and synchronicity. We now have another set of daily practices available to help us on our path of Ascension.

As always we used Crystal Nets to deepen our experiences. A combination of Amethyst points and Blue Apatite helped prepare us to receive Anya's teachings.

Another good Crystal to connect with the energy of Star Beings is Moldavite.

Connecting with Crystals is fun - just have a go!