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Feeling the Connection

posted Nov 28, 2017, 3:23 AM by Bain Clan
We certainly felt connected with one another and the task at hand last Saturday when our speaker Robert Torry presented our Crystal Circle with a puzzle of a different sort.

His presentation ‘Feeling out of the box – re-solving the mystery mastery of life’ definitely put us in touch with how we felt about assembling an out of the ordinary puzzle.

It is the sort of puzzle that cannot be completed by purely using the mind. The puzzle contains some odd pieces, some of which fit both, the picture and the way it could be assembled and some of which don’t. This is in stark contrast to the way puzzles are normally completed by using a left brain analytical approach.

In the end the completed puzzle needs to be something which you FEEL happy and content with, even if it seemingly might look odd to our all so often used left brain perception.

Each of us in the group were given 1-2 pieces of the puzzle and I am very proud to say that it took us less than a minute to work together to assemble the final piece. Something that felt good to all of us. We worked in total harmony and the final piece showed a reflection of our joint efforts.

Well done everyone!

As always we spent the rest of the morning engaging with relevant Crystal work.

A combination of Blue Beryl and Clear Quartz helped us to further get in touch with how we feel about things rather than think about them.
Crystals have certainly helped our wonderful Crystal Circle group to harmonise on many Levels.

Working with Crystals is fun and creative. Just have a go!