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Crystal Breastplate

posted Sep 20, 2016, 6:33 AM by Bain Clan

No, I am not talking about something that Madonna or Lady Gaga would wear. Even though I would like to think that they give Crystals a go ;-).

This month our Crystal Circle was joined by my fabulous husband Marcus who spoke to us about the priests Crystal breastplate mentioned in the Bible. During biblical times the priest used the breastplate together with the Crystals to aid his communication with the Divine. What an enlightening subject this was!

We can use Crystals to raise our vibration so that we can increase our ability to communicate with the higher realms.  A good Crystal to connect with ‘upstairs’ can be Sugilite. If it is the Angelic realms you are striving for then  Apophyllite or Celestite are good mediators.

Working with Crystals is fun – have a go!

Marcus Bain has over 46 years experience of walking the spiritual path. He teaches Chi-Laxation (Tai-Chi, Chi Kung & Relaxation) classes in East Sussex as well as giving guidance to individuals who need his help. Find out more about Marcus by checking the Chi-Laxation pages on our website