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Feeling the Connection

posted Nov 28, 2017, 3:23 AM by Bain Clan

We certainly felt connected with one another and the task at hand last Saturday when our speaker Robert Torry presented our Crystal Circle with a puzzle of a different sort.

His presentation ‘Feeling out of the box – re-solving the mystery mastery of life’ definitely put us in touch with how we felt about assembling an out of the ordinary puzzle.

It is the sort of puzzle that cannot be completed by purely using the mind. The puzzle contains some odd pieces, some of which fit both, the picture and the way it could be assembled and some of which don’t. This is in stark contrast to the way puzzles are normally completed by using a left brain analytical approach.

In the end the completed puzzle needs to be something which you FEEL happy and content with, even if it seemingly might look odd to our all so often used left brain perception.

Each of us in the group were given 1-2 pieces of the puzzle and I am very proud to say that it took us less than a minute to work together to assemble the final piece. Something that felt good to all of us. We worked in total harmony and the final piece showed a reflection of our joint efforts.

Well done everyone!

As always we spent the rest of the morning engaging with relevant Crystal work.

A combination of Blue Beryl and Clear Quartz helped us to further get in touch with how we feel about things rather than think about them.
Crystals have certainly helped our wonderful Crystal Circle group to harmonise on many Levels.

Working with Crystals is fun and creative. Just have a go!

Polishing Diamonds...

posted Oct 30, 2017, 12:20 PM by Bain Clan

… is something I will gladly do every day. Especially after our Crystal Circle was introduced to a technique which involves viewing our own Consciousness as a Diamond.

Just like a Diamond, our Consciousness consists of many facets, all of them reflecting a different aspect of our Being. Some are very bright and shiny, others are dull and require polishing. What a wonderful exercise.

Much Gratitude goes out to our speaker this month, Marcus Bain – my fabulous husband : ) – who has over 40 years experience in the field of spiritual development and guidance. He is dedicated to assisting people on their Ascension journey.

Please have a look at his website or contact him via Facebook Messenger. He also posts videos containing useful information on our youtube channel The Bain Clan.

As always we enhanced the work we did with our guest speaker by immersing ourselves into Crystal Nets. A combination of Chrysoprase with Rose Quartz and then Clear Quartz set us ready to continue our Ascension journey.

Working with Crystals is fun and creative - have a go!

A Medium is...

posted Sep 26, 2017, 3:17 AM by Bain Clan

... defined as a means by which something is communicated or expressed, and Katie Harmer is just that. Nothing could have prepared us for the accuracy and truth of the readings Katie produced for us on Saturday morning at our Crystal Circle meeting. Whilst she was delving into the realms of the other worlds she also described to us how she did this and why certain aspects of a reading are easy to perform and others - such as getting a name - can be more challenging.

It is a real Joy to see Katie doing so well on her Journey to bring her true Nature into this reality. Thank you so much Katie for sharing your amazing gifts with us.

Katie is offering readings in exchange for treatments, healing, petrol money or gifts. Please connect with her if you feel drawn.

The talents in our Circle are amazing - Katie's card displayed in the picture was designed by our dear Emma Holmwood. Please do connect with Emma if you are in need of graphic design for your business cards, flyers, brochures or party invitations. She does an amazing job :-).

As always we spent a large proportion of our time connecting with the Crystals. A Crystal Net made up of Clear Quartz Points and Lapis Lazuli aided us in connecting with our own Guides and Angels. What a fantastic morning!

Working with Crystals is Creative & Fun - have a go!

Star Beings...

posted Jul 27, 2017, 12:51 PM by Bain Clan

... and Crystals, what a wonderful combination!

This month our Crystal Circle was joined by Anya Rose whose beautiful energy and amazing abilities filled us with Light and connected us to the beautiful Star Beings.

First we connected to the beings from the Pleiades to receive physical healing and relaxation. We were then joined by the lovely Star Beings from Arcturus to provide us with guidance and synchronicity. We now have another set of daily practices available to help us on our path of Ascension.

As always we used Crystal Nets to deepen our experiences. A combination of Amethyst points and Blue Apatite helped prepare us to receive Anya's teachings.

Another good Crystal to connect with the energy of Star Beings is Moldavite.

Connecting with Crystals is fun - just have a go!

The Science of Healing

posted May 22, 2017, 7:51 AM by Bain Clan

is what we immersed ourselves in at our last Crystal Circle meeting. The beautiful Paula Adams was our guest speaker who gave us a very informative talk about the Barbara Ann Brennan method of scientific healing. Paula then proceeded to perform a group healing for us. This was a deep and profound experience, which allowed us to release old patterns of being in order to experience our soul purpose more fully.

Paula is very aware of people's healing needs and had no trouble using her amazing skills on a group scale.

She is a fully trained Barbara Ann Brennan healer and runs Hands of Life workshops (next one October 2017), meditation groups and happy menopausal women workshops.

Please connect with her if you feel drawn. Her website is:, Facebook: Paula Adams - Energy Healer

As always we used Crystals to deepen our experience of healing and ascension. We used a combination of Moonstone and Aquamarine to express our divine soul purpose more fully.

Working with Crystals is creative and fun - have a go!

Body Magnetism...

posted Apr 30, 2017, 12:04 PM by Bain Clan

... is something that can be affected by electromagnetic stress such as mobile phones and Wi-Fi.

This month our Crystal Circle was joined by the lovely Caroline Rushforth from Forth Horizons Coaching, NLP and Wingwave®. As well as explaining to us how Wingwave® coaching can help with overcoming mental and emotional challenges, Caroline introduced us to the Nikken range of magnetic products. They are designed to protect and balance the magnetic field of our bodies when challenged with adverse situations such as electromagnetic stress.


Caroline genuinely wishes to help people overcome their life challenges. You can find more information about Caroline and her wonderful work on her website: or on Facebook: Forth Horizons Coaching.


Of course we also used Crystals to balance our energy fields. This month we focused on letting go of old fears and connecting with our soul purpose in order to step into the New Era of Ascension.

A combination of Smoky Quartz, Rhodonite and Black Tourmaline can be helpful in showing up where our Fears might hold us back from stepping onto the Path of Love, Joy and Abundance.


Working with Crystals is Creative and Fun – have a go!

The Origin of all is ...

posted Mar 28, 2017, 5:08 AM by Bain Clan

... Consciousness. That was the title of Robert Jeffords presentation for our Crystal Circle this month. We were immensely fortunate to have someone of his level of Mastership and expertise with us.

His presentation about consciousness as a whole, and in particular the consciousness of Crystals was most enlightening. He also shared several empowering techniques with us to help us on our path. We learned and practised that by focusing our energies in certain ways we can effortlessly resist many challenges.

Just to have Robert's amazing energy in the room was a real privilege.

As always we used Crystals to complement the work we did with Robert. A combination of Fluorite and Rose Quartz laid out in a specific way gave us the opportunity to align ourselves with another way of Being.

Robert Jefford is a true Master of Eastern and Western Reiki as well as numerous martial arts. To me he is a Guide, a Teacher and most importantly a dear Friend. Thank you Robert.

Working with Crystals is creative and fun – have a go!

The Sound of Crystal

posted Feb 26, 2017, 8:09 AM by Bain Clan   [ updated Feb 26, 2017, 8:15 AM ]

Singing Bowls. This month our Crystal Circle speaker was Louise Clare Robinson who introduced us to the magical sound of Crystal singing bowls. Louise explained the difference between frosted and alchemical bowls and then provided us with the amazing opportunity to relax in a sound bath. Not just listening, but also experiencing the beautiful vibration of the bowls played by Louise was a truly clearing, balancing and healing experience. The sound bath allowed us to leave our thoughts behind and enter into a state of peace.
You can connect with Louise via her website: or find her on Facebook Louise Clare Holistics.

We continued the work of calming our minds and opening our perception to the higher realms by combining Flourite and Aquamarine Crystals.

Working with Crystals can bring peace and tranquility to our busy minds. Have a go, it's fun!

What a Laughly time : )

posted Jan 29, 2017, 12:09 PM by Bain Clan

Wow! What a fantastic start for our first Crystal Circle meeting of the year. We were joined by the Lovely Laughter Leader Sam Yah
 who introduced us to the joys and healing benefits of laughter. Her fabulous techniques had all of us in stitches within 5 Minutes - we were laughing so hard we had to hold our sides : ).

Raising our vibration as high as we can and keeping it there is our main aim for this year. Of course we used Crystals to support our LaughLight vibration. Apophyllite, and a combination of Chrysocolla, Citrine and Smoky Quartz can be very helpful with connecting us to the vibration of joy.

Sam Yah is simply delightful and knows how to get a crowd going. She is holding several Laughter events in the area over the next few months and the Bains will certainly attend some of them. Do connect with her if you can - she really is amazing.

Facebook: Sam Yah


Mob.: 07733 224429

The Ripples of Life - How to cope with the Stresses & Strains of Life

posted Nov 29, 2016, 4:43 AM by Bain Clan

This month our Crystal Circle was joined by the beautiful Guinevere Darden whose debut appearance as a speaker
left us all relaxed and moved.
Guinevere gave us a very useful overview of different tools we can use to help us stay at Peace with ourselves and our lives.
Her gentle nature and soft spoken voice left us all enchanted and wanting to hear more.

Of course we can use Crystals to help us cope with everyday challenges – try Hematite which can make you feel grounded, protected and more cheerful. A combination of Smoky Quartz and Citrine can help us elevate our thoughts, and a combination
of Chrysocolla and Clear Quartz can help to raise our vibration above all the challenges that we may need to face.
Working with Crystals is fun and creative – have a go!

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