Networking with Crystals

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About the book Networking with Crystals

Although on the surface this would seem a very simple book it reveals deep universal principles in a very subtle and easily understandable way.’ Dr Robert Jefford, Eastern & Western Reiki Master

Immersing yourself in a Crystal Net is an amazing and exhilarating experience. In addition it can balance your energy field and aid in the Ascension process. Networking with Crystals explains what a Crystal Net is, introduces the subject of Crystal Patterns and gives 44 Crystal Nets and Patterns for you to try.

This book is suited to the Crystal Enthusiast and the Crystal Novice alike. It is written in a clear style that is easy to read and understand. The Crystal Nets and Patterns contained in it are split into three sections - Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.

Each Crystal Net is beautifully illustrated, comes with a list of Crystals to use and full instructions on how to lay them out. The Net to the right is an example of the Crystal Nets contained in this book.

In addition Networking with Crystals includes chapters on Crystal care, how to prepare a space for Crystal work and how to ground yourself properly afterwards. It gives ideas on being creative with Crystals and advice on using Crystals safely with children of all ages.

After the end of my maternity leave in 2014 I felt inspired to set up Crystal Meditation groups. The work we do in those groups focuses on personal empowerment, group harmony and Ascension.

In this book I share a large portion of the Crystal Nets and Patterns that were created and used for those Crystal groups during the years 2015 and 2016. There are Nets to help with relaxation, emotional balance and creativity as well as some Nets and Patterns which facilitate your connection with the Akasha, open your Channel and delve into ancient esoteric subjects.

You choose how far you want to go.

We encourage you to spread the amazing energy of these Crystal Nets and Patterns by using them yourself, with your friends or in a group. 

Keep their energy Growing and Flowing!

Please find a link to the e-book version below - I am currently working on getting it printed. There is a certain format I have in mind so this may take some research :-)!

Unconditional Self Love Crystal Net:

This is a very beautiful Net which can put us in touch with the deepest unconditional Self Love.

4 x Green Aventurine
1 x Rainbow Moonstone

Other Materials: A white cloth or visualising the colour white before lying down 

This Net is done lying down.

Place the white cloth underneath the body - under the Heart Chakra if it is not large enough to cover the whole area of the body. Alternatively visualise the colour white before lying down to do the Crystal Net.

One Green Aventurine goes above the head, one below the feet and one to either side of the body level with the heart to form a cross.

The Rainbow Moonstone goes on the Heart Chakra