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I have trained in the YANG Style Short Form as Modified by Professor Cheng Man-ch'ing for the last 35years. I am interested in the Martial side of the Art but only
teach Beginners form and some Chi Kung and Relaxation. My Main interest now is in the Healing side of Tai Chi and Chi Kung. The understanding that most Dis Ease
is caused or triggered by stress and tension of various kinds makes Tai Chi and Chi Kung valuable treasures in our armoury of defensive tools.
This was how Chi-Laxation came into being in 2003 whilst developing a Relaxation Class based around the use of Chi using Chi Kung and Relaxation techniques.

What is Chi Kung

Chi Kung can be translated as :-

Energy Skill, Cultivating Life Force or Breathing Skill, It is practiced for Maintaining Good Health-Increasing Vitality and enabling a Healthier Life. It can help you
become more tranquil and relaxed both in mind and body. It utilises the Breath , to move the Life Force, Chi with Mind through and around the Organs and Meridians
of the body. This is achieved with the use of Mind with a Goal of Achieving Freedom of the Spirit. There are a lot of different types of Chi Kung; some are used for Relaxation and Health, some for Martial arts and of course for healing.


Tai Chi- The Supreme Ultimate. (See The Yin Yang Symbol)

It is the continuous movement of two opposing forces striving to find Complete Harmony, It literally means “great polarity.” The opposite poles of this polarity are referred to as yin and yang.
Just like plus and minus, each opposite exists because of the existence of the other. The Taoists say that the yin and yang (born from the state of tai chi) give rise to all things and processes in
the universe.
The Chi in Tai Chi is not the same as in Chi Kung that is the Life force or Breath . This is as mentioned meaning Ultimate. Anyway for most people Tai Chi represents the gentle
flowing exercise used to bring Harmony and Relaxation to Mind and Body. It is actually one movement from start to finish with some very slight transition points as one moves from one posture
to another. It is also the continuous movement from Yin to Yang from Full to Empty as one moves through the postures

Marcus also operates a website dedicated to Chi-Laxation. Please find further information here.